Hello!  My name is Autumn.  The Spirited Violet is a home for my writings online where I share a simple guide to life, home, & travel for the everyday person.  I should explain that I’m not here to convince you about the latest trends or to show you a Pinterest-inspired party that will take all of your time.  Instead, let’s keep it real:  I’m not a fancy person and that’s totally okay.

I live in a normal house with garden beds that get a little over grown at times.  I have a messy kitchen sometimes because I’m busy making memories with friends.  I use products that will last me years and I decorate my home with items that won’t make me cry if they break.  I’ll admit, I used to be a little afraid of living the life I have now.  At times, I felt shame for not having the nicest or best, but one day I realized that our approachable lifestyle gave us the opportunity to have peace of mind and it was incredibly liberating; I hope while reading that you can also reach some of this freedom for yourself. 

I believe in being humble, working hard, and that everyday is a new opportunity to grow.  I share my simple everyday on The Spirited Violet to provide practical tips on how to make life easier and to give you a nodding head that you are not alone.

A few things about me…

I’m a former Special Education and ESL teacher with a grad degree who decided to be a homemaker + full-time blogger.  This was the last place I thought I’d be, and yet, I really love it.  I always used to think life would be better the busier I was and the more money I had.  Instead, I found myself drowning in a ton of stress and false expectations.  It was the best wake up call for me ever 🙂 .

I’m married to Devin, whom I met on a blind date, that took two years to set up (yes, they can work!).  We fell in love in Utah, married in Arizona, and then moved to Georgia for our first home together.  We live in a 1960s brick home where we love to garden, do DIY projects, and figure out how to make food in our one-butt kitchen layout 😉 .  We love traveling together and we’ve visited over 38+ states and 6 countries together since we were married in 2010.

I’m an INFJ on MBTI and a 4w5 on the enneagram.  I love heart felt conversations with people and become way too excited about my vintage thrift store finds.  I love learning in any format I can find which often includes reading books of all kinds and listening to podcasts all day.  I have an autoimmune illness, I’m adopted, and I sometimes share about my experiences with therapy because I think sharing can help remove stigma and provide support for others surrounding these topics.

My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style. – Maya Angelou

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– Autumn