Reader Survey | January 2018

I need your help!

reader survey 2018 | via The Spirited Violet

I haven’t done a reader survey since January 2017!  Since my last survey, I’ve rebranded, changed my focus up a little bit, and now I’m at home full-time.  I love reading what you have to say because it always helps me see how we are relating to each other, I get great feedback on what you’d like to hear more about, and it really helps me plan my content for 2018!  Ashley helped me create a survey that really helps me get better information than before even though it is about 5 minutes long and 10 questions.  You aren’t obligated to answer all of the questions, but you just have to submit to make sure I receive the results!


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Thanks for filling everything out, it really helps me plan for the year! ♥♥