January goals

I took a break from writing my goals after my relaunch because I was trying to figure out where they fit in!  I decided to re-format the way I do my goals for the year.  I typically do broad goals for my year and then set mini goals monthly to try to achieve those.  To make those broad goals more clear for myself and readers, I’ve turned them into categories and I’ll put my measurable goals underneath them monthly.  I think if I can see how the details fit into the big picture then I’ll be able to see my progress even more clearly!

I’m setting these January goals with the intention of seeing how I personally bloom this year (my word for 2018).  I’ll be showing my video recap of January and how I felt I personally grew in my January recap + February goals post at the first of next month.

January goals | via The Spirited Violet

January goals:

Simplify our home

  • Clean/ organize / purge for 5 hours every week
  • Take 1 trip to the thrift store with things I am getting rid of

Become healthier

  • Go to my endo appointment
  • Go to the gym 12 times

Learn more

  • Read 30 chapters of scriptures
  • Listen to 4 church talks
  • Read 4 books
  • Finish my continuing ed course for my teaching license

Share/make content that means something to someone

  • Create my January word of the month video
  • Share two travel posts on my blog
  • Share a recipe on my blog
  • Spend five hours a week encouraging and engaging with other people’s content

Learn to really love Georgia

  • Visit somewhere I have never been before on a small day trip by myself

What is a goal you have for January?

  • SImplifying the house and getting rid of things that aren’t really wanted or needed is such a good feeling! We did some of that in the weeks approaching Christmas and it’s so freeing! Some of the stuff in our house was just stuff that we’ve been storing for others for a few years–so it involved calling people up to remind them that they had this stuff, finding out if they still wanted it or not. I like your content creation goals, too! I want to be more consistent with content creation this year! My laptop was out of commission for the last two months of 2017, so that definitely slowed me down, but I got it back yesterday and now I’m feeling the freedom!

    • My laptop was out of commission for a few months after we got back from Europe so I totally know how you feel about that. It was nice to take the break, but I also felt like blogging stuff was kind of piling up too.

      Getting rid of stuff is so freeing. You’re nice to store stuff for people, but yeah, that would be potentially stressful to call them and ask them if they still want it!

      I’m excited to see your content creation throughout the year!! 🙂