50+ ideas for your word of the year

50 ideas for your word of the year in 2018 | via The Spirited Violet
Do you need help choosing your word of the year to help you set goals? Here are some great ideas! | via The Spirited Violet
50+ ideas for your word of the year | via The Spirited Violet
50+ ideas for your word of the year to help you set an intention with your goals and time. | via The Spirited Violet

For the past four years, I’ve picked a word of the year to help me focus my ground around for the year.  In the past, my words have been: hope, light, press forward, and flourish.  I generally spend the last month of the year reflecting on what the word will and then set the intention of incorporating ways to incorporate that word into my daily life.  I think I have settled on a word of the year for 2018, but in the mean time I’d like to share how I incorporate my word of the year in my life and give 50 ideas for your word of the year.


For me, I’ve noticed that I have thought of the word already quite a bit or I find a theme in my life that I need to work on.  I’ve felt like setting these intentions have been super helpful into what I have ended up experiencing that year.  As I’ve sat back and reflected, I’ve felt that picking a word for the year was an act of faith itself.  I’ve ended up picking my word for very personal reasons every year. 

Here are some ways I end up finding my word for each year:

  • Think of words that you would like to describe yourself or how you move throughout the year
  • Look through scriptures, quotes, or books and see if any word stands out to you
  • Think of the goals that you would like to see yourself being better as accomplishing
  • Poke around the website find your tribe and see other words people have picked
  • Look at my one word and see why different people picked the word they did

2016 Word of the year: "Press forward" and what it means to me | via The Spirited Violet


I don’t think it really matters how you incorporate your word of the year into your life, but if you set the intention to become better at something, you need to come up with something that really helps you think of it. 

In the past, I have done everything from order a piece of jewelry with the word that I wear daily to ordering an art print that I see every time I come into my house.  I’ve found that wearing the jewelry helps me remember my word easily everyday.  Additionally, I used to include my word of the year loosely with my goals for the month, but I’ve decided next year that I will be putting them into a monthly Youtube format like Blair Lamb because her rooted series has been something I have related to SO MUCH (and yes, I asked her if I could borrow her format and it was totally fine).  I’m excited to start sharing monthly youtube videos starting in the new year around my word of the year for 2018; I know it will help me be more vulnerable and accountable on my growth!

Here are some ideas on how to incorporate your world daily:

  • Custom jewelry with the word (mine are always under $30 which is worth it since I wear it the whole year).  For the past two years, I’ve ordered mine from TheLiterateLion etsy shop.
  • A custom made key chain with your word
  • Put a sticky note on your mirror
  • Write your word in permanent markers on items you use frequently (water bottle, a book, etc.
  • Get a print including the word to see when you enter your home


Now that you’ve picked your word of the year and thought of ways to incorporate into your daily life, here are 50 ideas for your word of the year!

  1. hope
  2. happy
  3. vibrant
  4. move
  5. light
  6. Beauty
  7. loving
  8. sparkle
  9. Prayerful
  10. joy
  11. organize
  12. Flourish
  13. enough
  14. free
  15. Focus
  16. courage
  17. healthy
  18. Connection
  19. rooted
  20. grateful
  21. Grace
  22. peaceful
  23. heart
  24. Compassion
  25. No
  26. strength
  27. deeper
  28. listen
  29. Vigilant
  30. delight
  31. patience
  32. journey
  33. Accept
  34. humble
  35. Inspire
  36. strength
  37. mindful
  38. devout
  39. persistent
  40. trust
  41. forward
  42. Brave
  43. Authentic
  44. bloom
  45. forgive
  46. Loyal
  47. act
  48. release
  49. reveal
  50. time

"Wherefore, ye must press forward with a steadfastness in Christ, having a perfect brightness of hope, and a love of God and of all men. Wherefore, if ye shall press forward, feasting upon the word of Christ, and endure to the end, behold, thus saith the Father: Ye shall have eternal life." 2nd Nephi 31: 20 | via The Spirited Violet

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I’m excited to hear about a word of the year you’ve picked for yourself for next year or in the past. Comment below!

  • Sarah Carlat Kennedy

    Hi Autumn. I love this post! I knew I didn’t want to create a “resolution” this year or commit to any unrealistic goals. My word for 2018 is ACCEPT. I will probably write about it in my own blog post soon :), Can you let me know where you ordered your PRESS FORWARD bracelet from? I love it. Thanks!

    • I am excited to read your post- accept is a beautiful word!! I love choosing a word of the year and I’m glad you do too!

      My bracket came from this shop. Make sure to measure your wrist because mine was too small and I missed that detail. https://www.etsy.com/shop/LOVERBEYstudio

    • For the last two years, I’ve bought mine from “literatelion” on Etsy and she has a lot of really cute stuff!

      • Sarah Carlat Kennedy

        Thanks! I think I’m going to get a necklace from them as the other shop appears to have closed.

        • I really love literatelion’s stuff! She lives in my town and she is such a nice person. I’d love to see you necklace when it is finished!