The Spirited Violet says hello!

I’ve been back and forth a long time on wanting to change my blog’s name and focus.  I blogged under Stay gold Autumn from 2011 until last month.  Wow!  I wanted something that better represented me in many different phases of life + gave me the ability to build more of a community.  I’ve spent months at the drawing board thinking of what I wanted my focus to be and how I wanted to represent it.  So, of course, when I finally stopped over thinking it came to me.  I’ll always be passionate and introverted- it is just me!  However, I’m also a lover of plants and the symbolism of growth.

So, here we go.  Say hello to The Spirited Violet.

The Spirited Violet says hello! A lifestyle blog written by Autumn Curry as a simple guide to life, travel & home for the everyday person.

I realized though that more than a name, that often when I scroll through my internet reads I wonder: where are the people like me?  I realized I didn’t relate to a lot of people whose lives I read about and connection is a huge driving force on why I do write.

This is going to be the place where I write for the everyday person, like me. 

I’m not here to write about the latest trends or to convince you to buy an expensive product that you probably don’t need.  I’m not here to show you a Pinterest-inspired party that will spend all of your money and your extra time to put together.  I’m not going to suggest going on a trip if the money isn’t in your bank account.  I’m not going to recommend using specialty or exotic ingredients because I like to keep it simple.

The Spirited Violet says hello! A lifestyle blog written by Autumn Curry as a simple guide to life, travel & home for the everyday person.

I’m not a fancy person and that’s totally okay (if you are, that’s totally okay too).

We live in a normal house with garden beds that get a little over grown at times.  I have a messy kitchen sometimes because I’m busy making memories with friends.  I use products that will last me years and I decorate my home with items that won’t make me cry if they break.  I’ll admit, I used to be a little afraid of living the life I have now.  At times, I felt shame for not having the nicest, flashiest, or best.  One day I realized that our approachable lifestyle gave us the opportunity to have peace of mind and it was incredibly liberating; I hope while reading that you can also reach some of this freedom for yourself.

I believe in being humble and working hard.  The Spirited Violet is a simple guide to life, home, & travel for the everyday person.  While I’ll still be sharing my day to day and the random feels I have, my writing will be more focused on providing practical advice that reflects my lifestyle like:

  • Affordable outfits
  • Down to earth homemaking & recipes
  • Genuine book recommendations
  • Plain simple travel
  • Straight forward self-care

I still have a few things that I’m writing up and fixing behind the scenes, but after a month of no writing I’m ready to be here and back at it!

You can connect with me in the following places or sign up for my newsletter in the sidebar.

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Most importantly though, I’m really excited to see you here.  I know we all can work on having a more simple life that we can all be proud of.  Let’s do this!

  • The new site looks great! Can’t wait to see this new direction you’re going in!

  • Yay!!!! SO happy for you! This has been such a long time coming and it looks great!

    • Thank you so much!! I am so happy I finally found a domain that I really, really love!! It has been so much fun to write again šŸ™‚ ā™„

  • Congrats on the name change! I’m excited for you!

  • I love the new name and the site looks great!

    • Thank you so much!! I ended up taking a lot of December off, but I’m so happy to come to my internet home now ā™„!

  • I love that you just lay it all out there! That’s awesome!
    I didn’t rebrand, but I did recently change my social media strategy, because I was sick of the way social media because real shallow, real quick.

    • Thanks so much!! I have changed my focus a tad bit more since then, but my lifestyle is always going to be down to earth.

      I totally understand! I would love to hear more about what you ended up doing to like social media more.

      • Well, I’m really just trying to be more conscious of getting real interaction on SM. I still participate in threads, but I try really hard to make sure I’m not participating in so many that most of my interaction is coming from them. I do enough to get people circulating my content, but I try to stay away from any thread that is “Like all”, or anything similar (with the exception of one group where I do those threads occasionally). I just want my numbers to be real, and not just meet a number goal. If no one is genuinely reading my content (without being forced to in groups), there doesn’t seem to be much point.

        • That totally makes sense! I have never participated in like all threads, but I have found participating in groups every once in a while has helped me be introduced to different bloggers. I’ve found if I do threads everyday though that I get burned out. I have realized I need to put more effort into reaching out to people I follow and telling them that the content that they make matters. Love your comment šŸ™‚

  • Congrats on your relaunch, Autumn! Looks like my kind of place.

  • Good luck! We just rebranded as well!

  • I love the rebrand! Your colors are so soothing. šŸ™‚ I’m glad you were able to figure out the direction you want your blog to go.

    • Thank you so much!! I love these colors a lot and I hoped that is how people felt when they saw them- that compliment makes me so happy.

  • I seriously ADORE your new focus! And the new layout and colors are lovely. I know how much goes into choosing and designing all that, so way to go! Glad this is finally up and running šŸ™‚

    • Thanks so much!! šŸ™‚ It is so good to have this up and running and in the direction I want it to go. It was crazy getting all of the links and pin images updated, but it has been so worth it now! ā™„ā™„

  • Yay!!!!!!!! I’m so excited about this!!!!! <3

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  • I just found your blog, but Iā€™m loving this rebranding. I like how relatable you are and individual you are.

    • I took a lot of December off to be able to just spend time with family and myself and I came back to this incredibly kind comment- thank you! I work hard to make sure my content can always be relatable and really just authentically me and it is great for someone to see that ā™„ā™„