a gift guide for young homemakers

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I’m pretty practical when it comes to presents that I would like.  I want something that I can use or something that I feel that I need.  For me, this usually comes in the form of kitchen appliances or home cleaning products that I feel would make my life easier.  The last few years, we’ve put a lot of time and our money on me going to graduate school, fixing things that break in our house, and on traveling in the past year.  However, now we’re getting to the stuff that we’ve been talking about for a while and it has been very fun to see what kind of things adulthood makes us find interesting (I could make a list of yard appliances for us that would like a mile long).  This is my gift guide for young homemakers like me or great suggestions for anyone else who loves all things homey + practical.

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  1.  APRON 
    Simply put, the aprons I have right now hanging up in my kitchen are not very cute anymore.  They’re pretty old, but I also can’t see myself shelling out cash for a new apron either.  I love that this apron is a pure white color because it would hide cooking stains a little easier, but there is a touch of sweet with the ruffles down the front!
    We just bought a kitchen aid on a mega Black Friday sale.  We learned through researching that there is a difference between a professional grade and an artisan/classic kitchen aid.  The difference?  The motor is less likely to burn out in a professional grade kitchen aid.  I put the certified refurbished on this recommendation because the price is very good, but Costco has some amazing deals that popup as well.
    I have loved every single recipe that this lady produces.  She uses real food like butter which is totally my language, but I also just really love her whole brand.  I love following her on social media.  She makes me want to move to Oklahoma daily.
  4.  INSTANT POT: 10 in 1/ 6 quart
    I am in the cult of Instant Pot and I will gladly tell you to buy one over and over.  My rice cooker used to take 45 minutes to cook rice and now I can cook it in 15 minutes.  I buy bagged beans instead of canned beans which is so much cheaper because it is so fast to cook them this way + I can cook frozen chicken into meals in like 20 minutes.  I haven’t rid myself of my crock pot yet, but I love that I’ve been able to free up some space just with one kitchen appliance.
    I love soy candles enough that I actually make them myself!  What I like most?  They don’t burn toxic fumes and I love the happy smell of lemons in this candle.  I feel like candles are a pretty neutral gift and I love the ability they have to make my house smell better quickly.  Soy candles also have a lighter fragrance than traditional waxes.
    This is seriously such a game changer though and cleans so much better than mopping!  I’ve been able to remove stains out of our bathroom tile that has white grout + this is the only thing that makes our kitchen linoleum look clean.  I originally bought this because I wanted to clean our hardwoods, but I don’t recommend steaming hardwoods at all.  I did a test patch on the lowest heat setting and it felt like it took the varnish off of our floor.  However, it has been such a game changer for our tile bathrooms! 
    I like to listen to podcasts, books on tape, and music while I clean and do things in our house.  However, I don’t want to carry my phone around soap suds and I don’t want to wear headphones when I am listening for timers.  These speakers are great because I can hear everything pretty well in our kitchen without having to worry about my phone’s warranty.
    I absolutely love these because I don’t have to worry about gardening, exercising, or cleaning and having my fingers swell with my normal wedding ring.  I love that they come in different colors and are so affordable!


I loved sharing this gift guide with some of my products and hope you like this gift guide for young homemakers.  My other gift guides are here.

  • Paige Cassandra Flamm

    I’ve been dying for a new Kitchen Aid for years! (We sold ours when we moved to Georgia!) I also love basically every single one of The Pioneer Woman’s Cookbooks, and I’ve been dying to try an Instapot out!

  • Recycled Art Guru

    Love the new blog and I love my instant pot, but I use my rice cooker too because I don’t like the rice that the instant pot makes. Maybe that’s weird. I also love my iPhone bluetooth speaker and Cameron promised to get me a newer model for Christmas since mine is wearing out. We have a Kitchen Aid we used to use for bread but since going full Keto we can’t really think of anything to use it for. We tried baking keto desserts and such but haven’t found one we actually like to eat. LOL. Share some kitchen aid recipes soon!

  • That apron is so cute! And Mrs. Meyers everything, forever, amen.