September recap + October goals

Since I quit my job, my time has been blurring together and moving along really quickly.  I haven’t been super social this month, but I feel like I’m getting into a rhythm with blogging and being home.  I feel two emotions simultaneously lately: guilt for not working with students, but also a lot of joy at investing more time into blogging.  I’ve spent most of my 20s chasing a very linear teaching career and now I’m doing what I started in middle school as a hobby.  It feels weird, exciting, and I’m still getting used to it.  I’ve been learning about a lot of analytics for Facebook, Pinterest, and just really enjoying Twitter.  I’ve been making sure I am more committed to my writing schedule and I really love the ideas I have to write down here lately.  All in all, I’m happy and I’m happy to share that. πŸ’—


  • I turned 29 years old!
  • I posted one of my favorite posts I have ever written about how to be grateful in a new season.
  • I posted two yummy recipes!  My easy spaghetti squash recipe and my instant pot carrot soup recipe.
  • I got on the ball and posted our trip to Venice, Italy and my thoughts on it.  We need to go back to visit, but not when it is 100 degrees πŸ™‚ .
  • I shared all of my podcasts that I love listening to πŸ™‚ .
  • Devin has been working from home a lot here lately which means I’ve been seeing him a lot.  Life has been pretty busy for him with his church calling and job, but I’m glad I get to at least see him.
  • I’m going to Ireland this month.  This has always been a place I’ve dream about going… how much better can it get?!
I have been surprised at how fast my days have been going now since I quit my job. When I go outside, I feel like I see every detail and flower instead of mulling over this or that. My brain and heart have felt so clear and at peace. . A simple life isn't necessarily anything I've aspired to, but I'm realizing it is highly underrated and enjoyable.
I have not seen what my dining table looks like in two+ years. I've had a table cloth on it and then a plastic liner I clean on top of it. When a sweet friend gave me this table runner for a birthday present, I knew I'd have to remedy it. I'm in love . #homewithautumn
My weekly fan girling over Maya Angelou and the wise things she has that make me say: YES, ME TOO.
Still getting used to my short hair, but I'm loving how surprisingly low maintenance it is. My hair is actually naturally very curly and I have struggled to get it to hold any curl with long hair since we've moved here (the humidity weighs it down). Not a problem anymore!


  • It is pretty hot for it being October and that is kind of a bummer.  I like four really defined seasons and this just isn’t cutting it for me.  I’m optimistic that it will cool off soon.
This morning I woke up and realized it was in the 80s. I started missing Utah where falls were real falls and other seasons followed suit. I decided to stop longing and start doing instead though; this takes more effort than I'd like to acknowledge sometimes . Here is to dusting our house, cleaning the kitchen, and folding mountains of clothing. They aren't glamorous tasks, but they're now and they're worthy of my energy.

Now for goals πŸ™‚ β€¦

Reviewing goals from September

  • Spend 30 minutes daily doing something spiritual
    I need to get a better schedule, period.  I feel like this always gets a little tricky.  I did listen to 4 hours of general conference talks today though… does that count? πŸ˜†
  • Spend 30 minutes doing maintenance cleaning everyday
    Nope, but our main rooms look pretty nice.  We’re going to have four of our parents staying with us for a few days in two weeks so that will put a fire under me though.
  • List all of my grad school textbooks that I haven’t used
    I realized this is a bad goal for now since we’ll be gone for two weeks soon.
  • Fold all of the clothing in our house
    Ha.  This also needs to happen before family comes!
  • Test out our travel backpacks again with proposed clothing
    We’re getting there and figuring out what gaps we have in our closet.  I’m excited for the cooler weather we’ll have on this trip compared to the summer trip we had last year.
  • Schedule/write out two weeks ahead with blogging
    I just finished this goal yesterday evening!
  • Post 1 travel post (I’m thinking from our time in Germany or Austria)
    I wrote about our trip to Venice, Italy!

Goals for October

  • Spend 30 minutes daily doing something spiritual
  • Deep clean our home before family comes in town
  • Love our trip to Ireland
  • Write out & schedule all of my previous European travel posts before vacation
  • Read a book

What is a goal you have for October?


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  • Have fun in Ireland! That’s one of the places I for sure want to visit someday, so I’ll be excited to read all about your best tips πŸ™‚

  • Have fun in Ireland! That’s one of the places I for sure want to visit someday, so I’ll be excited to read all about your best tips πŸ™‚

  • I definitely struggle to maintain a schedule. The day gets away from me without even noticing it.

    Love that table runner, btw.

    • I received the table runner as a birthday present. It was such a pretty surprise from a friend!! I struggle to maintain a daily schedule, but I think I’m getting better having just a grouping of goals for myself everyday and letting myself have a lose schedule for when it happens.

  • I definitely struggle to maintain a schedule. The day gets away from me without even noticing it.

    Love that table runner, btw.