my September IPSY glambag items review

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I really like makeup, but I keep it simple.  Most of the time I don’t wear a lot of makeup, but I really enjoy putting on makeup and how it makes me feel more prepared and awkward for the day.  I’ve been wanting to try a makeup review box for a long time because I have a lot of friends who have tried them and like them.  There are two popular ones that I’ve heard of: Ipsy and Birch Box.  I decided to try Ipsy this time and signed up a month or two ago.  After filling out a profile about my color preferences, skin tones, eye color, etc. I paid $10 to try five different items and this is my September Ipsy glambag items review.

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SKINFOOD: Black Sugar Mask Wash Off
Available here for $10

  • This was a great scrub, but since I have dry skin I would prefer them to have a moisturizing/soothing campaign. The smell was very natural and good though for my sensitive skin!

Adesse New York: Organic Infused Gel Effect Nail Lacquer in Deception
Available here for $18

  • I wasn’t sure what color this was when I pulled it out of the bag. Is it green? Is it gray? Is it brown? What it ended up being was the perfect fall neutral that has literally matched everything I have worn so far! This polish goes on so easily and so smooth (which makes sense because it is literally 5 times the amount I normally spend on fingernail polish haha). I don’t have the most steady hand, but because of how smooth the polish went on, I didn’t end up with any polish on my skin. I love that the brand is organic and not tested on animals as well!

ColourPop: Ultra Glossy Lip in Ipsy VIP
Available here for $6

  • This color is perfect for me!  The gloss goes on well without having a glittery sheen and has no grit. It also doesn’t leave a weird color on my lips when part of it has come off.  I love this pretty berry color that has the perfect amount of pink and purple!

Beauty For Real: I-LINE 24-7 Eyeliner in Black Magic, Champagne Buzz
Available here for $13

  • I was skeptical about this light gold color in an eye liner and how it would show up on my pale skin, but I was pleasantly surprised. The color was a really pretty and light shimmer that really made my brown eyes (with a lot of gold them) really pop. My only complaint is that my specific eyeliner tube was either defective or only had enough eyeliner in the tube for one application; I’m not sure which because the twisting mechanism didn’t work to give me anymore eyeliner. If the twisting mechanism worked, I might consider buying this color in the future because it made my eyes look a lot bigger!

Ciaté London: Wonderwand Mascara in Black Magic
Available here for $20

  • The mascara went on my eye lashes easily without making my eyelashes look like spiders. My hair is really fine so it is easy for mascara to make my eyelashes clumpy, but this kept this very light and separated.


I like makeup a lot, but it is pretty expensive to try.  In college, I used to always have a full face, but now I usually just have my eyebrows, mascara, and some kind of gloss on.  For $10, I felt this was pretty risk free and the items are a lot nicer than what I normally buy from the grocery store.  

For $10, I ended up getting $60+ worth of products.  These makeup items are super nice too!


I didn’t like the makeup bag I received.  I don’t have an edgy style and the bag I received is a black faux-leather studded bag.  I would love if they had feedback preferences on the type of bag I could receive just like the makeup.  The bag seems pretty high quality all things considered.

I also didn’t like that when I signed up for Ipsy that I actually didn’t know what I would receive my first Ipsy glambag.  I was put on a wait list and told that if I shared on Twitter etc. that I would move up the waiting list.  I shared the information several times, but I never actually saw where I was on the waiting list or how many points that I had to move up on the list.  I didn’t feel this feature was carried out very well.  After a month or more of not hearing back about when I would receive my item, I tried to go on to the site to cancel the order and I couldn’t find that info anywhere.


Overall, I really loved my Ipsy glambag items!  The items were super high quality and I would recommend all of these items to you, but I felt the waiting list and communication could have really been improved.  For $10, I definitely recommend getting $60 worth of products and I would definitely sign up again.

What are your favorite subscription boxes?

  • Paige Cassandra Flamm

    I’ve heard awesome things about Color-Pop! That shade is so pretty!

    • I keep using this color over and over. It smudges pretty easily, but the color is so nice! I really want to try out their other stuff!

  • Paige Cassandra Flamm

    I’ve heard awesome things about Color-Pop! That shade is so pretty!