18+ of my favorite podcasts

These are some of my favorite podcasts that I love to share with you. The common thread is that they all help me learn and grow in some way! | via The Spirited Violet

I feel like I was pretty late to the game listening to podcasts.  Devin introduced me to a few back in 2015 while we were doing home improvement projects, but I didn’t really start listening to them until last year.  I tend to listen to a lot of music in my home, but I found that sometimes listening to music couldn’t hold my attention while I was cleaning.  I started asking for suggestions and my list of my favorite podcasts kept growing after that.  I’m excited to be able to share the podcasts that make commutes and cleaning a lot shorter for me and I’d love your suggestions if you see any that you think I’d like too 🙂 .


  • Bold New Mom
    I can’t say enough good things about this podcast!  Some of the ideas that Jody Moore puts out there are really out there, but after I think about them for a while (and listen to the podcast episode again) I always find there is a lot there for me to learn.  I’ve recommended this podcast so many times and will continue to do so.
  • Awesome with Alison
    I love Alison!  She is so down to earth, hilarious, and then I always end up learning so much listening to her.  Alison and her husband have such a great energy when they’re talking on the podcast together and I feel that Alison really breaks the self-help mold with her quirky personality.
  • Good Life Project
    This podcast sounds like exactly what it is- a podcast about how to have a good life!  Topics range from mental health to creativity.  Some of my favorites like Brene Brown and Gretchen Rubin have been interviewed.
  • The Anxiety Coaches Podcast – Relief from Anxiety, Panic, and PTSD
    I love this podcast because it breaks down different aspects of anxiety and makes it much more easier to understand.
  • Sounds Good with Branden Harvey
    Branden is a story teller with a knack of finding a variety of people who bring real life + good lessons to the table.  I have several of his episodes that are on my “to listen” list.  I love his upbeat attitude and how heavy topics are always balanced with optimism.
  • Love Rice
    I was introduced to this podcast after following the creator’s blog for several years.  This podcast is always so insightful in helping me figure out different ways I can improve from how to be happier to how to improve my relationships.


  • Explore Your Enthusiasm
    Tara Swiger covers creative business, gives great self-help tips about life, and produced this episode that I’ve listened to several times about Happiness and Radical Responsibility.
  • Raise Your Hand. Say Yes.
    I always feel inspired after listening to this podcast by Tiffany Han.  She has a knack at finding creatives that always make me think of things in a new way.  I really enjoyed this episode about intuition.
  • Chasing Creative
    I love this podcast because it is just down to earth people sharing how they make creativity a part of their every day life.  My first episode was with Rachel Dawson whose blog I have followed for a long time.


  • Young House Love Has A Podcast
    I’ve been following this blog forever and I was excited when they made a podcast!  John and Sherry are a married couple that love to fix up their house + tackle other random home projects.  I’ve been loving hearing about the beach house they’re fixing up too!
  • A Slob Comes CleanA Slob Comes Clean
    Slob Comes Clean
    shares detailed information usually 30-45 minutes about organization strategies.  Daily Deslobification BlogCast shares clips that are usually 10 minutes and under that are the host’s read blog posts.


  • Stuff You Missed in History Class
    This was the first podcast I ever listened to!  Devin and I love to listen to this when we’re on road trips.  The history the hosts discuss ranges from the interesting to the macabre.  
  • What Should I Read Next? Book Talk
    I have been following Anne Bogel’s blog for a long time because I found her posts on MBTI.  In this podcast, Anne interviews a different person every episode and talks to them about their favorite books.  She then ends the podcast with suggestions she has based on their conversation.
  • StoryCorps
    Each episode is a story with one person or a topic with several people who relate to it.  I love the variety of topics and people on this podcast.  People’s stories really matter a lot from the sad to the beautifully happy and I’m so happy for this podcast to remind me of that.
  • Stuff You Should Know
    Want really random trivia or conversation fillers?  This is your podcast.


  • Mormon Channel Daily
    While I am Mormon and listen to this, there have been many times my phone flipped to this podcast while I was doing something else and I tried to figure out what self-help podcast I was listening to.  The topics are uplifting and the episodes are usually around 10 minutes.
  • BYU Classic Speeches
    This is a variety of classic LDS speeches.
  • BYU Speeches
    Every Tuesday BYU campus shuts down for one hour for a devotional.  While Devin and I were dating, we’d always watch devotional at one of our apartment’s or in one of the classrooms on campus together; this is such a fond memory.  I love listening to the devotional still 🙂 .

I think you can understand after this list why my phone keeps on filling up so quickly.  I don’t listen to every single episode of these podcasts because there simply aren’t enough hours in the day, but I want to make sure what I do listen to helps me learn, grow, and improves my life in someway.  Do you have any suggestions based on my favorite podcasts?

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