Reader Survey Results from January 2017

I promised I would post my reader survey results from January and here I am!  The good news is that I was able to receive a lot of great feedback.  First off, it made me happy that people are able to see me when I blog.  I’ve had several people I know say that reading my blog is like sitting down and having a chat with me and I’m happy to hear that.  The positive feedback that I read definitely warmed my heart.

As far as improvements, I agree with needing more color and consistency in my blog.  I’m currently revamping my pinterest images and I changed my link colors.  Beyond that though, I don’t think I’ll probably add more color because I like my photos to stand out most on the page.  I did, however, make all of the fonts the same because I heard that makes the photos pop more and I just really love the Lora font.  As a way to have more community with other bloggers, I’ve always been trying to comment on a few blog posts a day and I’m doing a reader round up with two other bloggers starting this month! 

When it came to what people were most and least interested in though, there were some category overlaps.  People were most interested in my travel, general lifestyle, and personal style posts which were encouraging.  I haven’t written a travel post since this summer because they do take a lot of time to write up, but I’m fixing that!  As far as what people want to see less of, I haven’t posted a home post in 6 months until I posted my family room tour and my last recipe posted was in September; because of this, I’m guessing that these are just topics people want to see less of in general and not directly correlated with my blog.  I loved seeing what blogs people love to read and it looks like I should do an email list and try a vlog every once in a while! 🙂

Thanks for filling out my survey and I’m excited to implement some of these changes!  I posted the results below so people could read them.


What is something that makes you keep reading my blog?

  • You seem so genuine
  • Your personality 🙂
  • Your authenticity
  • Your personality. You seem so real and relatable.
  • You!
  • The beautiful photos
  • Your authentic voice

What is one improvement would you like to see me make on my blog?

  • I would love to see a little more color on your posts/pages
  • Consistency with your posts
  • More community with other bloggers

What would you like to see more of?

  • 75% said they would like to see more general life and travel posts
  • 62.5% said they would like to see more personal style posts
  • 50% said they would like to see more home, favorites, and book posts
  • 37.5% said they would like to see more recipes and advice posts

What would you like to see less of?

  • 33% said they would like to see less recipe and home posts.
  • 16.7% said they would like to see less book and favorites posts.

Would you be interested in me doing any of the following?

  • 66.7% said that they would like to see me do an email list
  • 50% said that they would like to see me do a vlog

What are your favorite blogs that you read?

Retro-Flame , Coffee with Summer, A Cruelty Free ME, Small Town & City Lights, Simply Stine, Enduring All Things, Helene in Between, Belle Brita, Rhyme & Ribbons