Stay Gold Candles is now open!

Since we came back from Europe, I have been working very heavily on my soy candle business.  It has been admittedly taking up a lot of the time I normally dedicate to the blog.  So, this is my announcement: my business launched today at and I will be back here more often now 🙂 !

Many people do not know this, but one summer during college when I was unable to find a job, I found a job at a candle factory.  The job was very difficult, but I loved coming home smelling like Christmas cookies all summer and I found I really missed the craft of making something with my hands.  I’ve found a lot of joy already in having something more technical like this.  I’ve already been finding that pouring candles has been a place for my mind to calm and listen to podcasts, music, or just think; I had no idea how much I needed this time to turn off the world around me.

It has been eye opening and also fun how much work goes in behind the scenes for product development, book keeping, and figuring out shipping.  My husband is an accountant and it has been really fun to give us spreadsheets to nerd out over 😉 .  I’ve always dreamed over the years that I would open my own small business and here we are working on this together.

I partnered with the lovely Benita from BRC Photography for these photos.  They really brought home that “Oh hey, I have a business now!”  It is a little surreal for me as I am getting things figured out for my farmer’s market booths and for craft shows.

..and because I know the candles smell great, happy shopping! 😉