August favorites

August favorites: my favorite blog posts, pale girl makeup, and music I've been listening to! | Stay gold Autumn

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I love being able to share my favorites from the month- from things I bought to blog posts I read.  This month was about working on my project I’m going to announce soon (am I being annoying and setting up the excitement enough haha 😉 ) + being a homebody.  After as much traveling as we did, I’ve been enjoying the homebody part.

June favorites: my favorite ... | Stay gold Autumn


  • I love this post by Chelsea about being a place where everyone belongs.  Our move to Georgia was kind of soul crushing to me socially the first few years.  I struggled in ways I have never struggled making friends and I totally related to her post.
  • At the same time, I loved this post by Joy about not having to be friends with everyone.  This might be counter intuitive considering the last favorite I shared.  However, a big part of my 20s has been learning that I wouldn’t click with everyone (and it was okay) and I shouldn’t overly invest in people who didn’t (or wouldn’t) invest back in an attempts to fulfill “everyone should like me” syndrome.


I discovered the Deep Focus station on Spotify when I started grad school two years ago.  I love that the instrumentals always have a good rock beat, but help me relax too.  Also, I am obsessed with ABC by Alexander Fairchild… the first time I heard it I was folding clothing in our room and it made me happy cry.


My complexion is starting to get back to normal post-diagnosis so I haven’t been wearing as much makeup here lately.  However, when I do, I’ve got the energy again to really have fun with it again 🙂 .  These are some of my pale girl favorites that I’ve been wearing for the last few years!  I get the foundation in alabaster and often use a powder foundation from Mary Kay if my skin is looking particularly rosy or gray.  I use the rose petal tone in the blush.  I like both the foundation and blush a lot because they have more of a cream finish which helps adhere to my dryer skin!

What is something that was your favorite from this month?