family reunions and traditions

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As young as I can remember, I remember going to my family reunion in Arkansas; all of the descendants of a common ancestor from over 150 years ago gather.  We have our own family funded chapel, a beautiful cemetery that we donate to help maintain, and we listen to a volunteer pastor every year.  I have so many wonderful memories with my grandpa here and it feels a little extra sensitive now that I see my sister’s grave there now too.  Family reunions and traditions are a beautiful thing to share with Devin now.

After 25 years of living in Kentucky, hint: my whole life living with them and more, my parents moved back to Arkansas and built a house on my grandpa’s property.  It is so wild for me to see all of my memories blending now.  I have a husband now and the old chicken coops where I would help my grandpa gather eggs are now gone.  I love that I see all of the plum trees were my grandma made jams groomed up again.  

I’m naturally nostalgic and sappy.  I love that I can count on my great-aunt making a coconut pie every year, I love that we have this place to come back to to remember, and I’m glad I married someone as family oriented as I am so we can keep this tradition.

What is a family tradition that you love?