March goals

I was able to get a lot of things done this month, but necessarily the ones that I set for as goals ;)!  I’m the type of person that when I begin reading books, it is hard for me to do anything else and moderation…is important.  I really enjoyed myself this past month, but now is the time to really buckle down and get to work!!  I have my last graduate school classes in April and I graduate in May; I can do this!!  Feel free to join the linkup below by adding any goal oriented post.

Goals for March:

  • Read 31 chapters of scriptures, 10 church talks/lessons, and go to the temple once
  • Finish the reflections and professional developments for my graduation portfolio
  • Finish the material for my presentation in Mexico
  • Be 90% finished with my master’s final paper
  • Read 4 books for fun
  • Post 1 recipe on the blog

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Reviewing goals from February:

  • Read 29 church talks/lessons in my personal study, 29 chapters of scripture, and go to the temple once
    I majorly lagged behind this goal this month.  I’m realizing that while reading a chapter a day of scriptures and going to the temple once a month are totally doable goals, but that I need to read less talks/lessons; I didn’t feel like I was really studying or learning much from any of the talks because I was so rushed.  I would rather really spend time getting to know something instead of reading it quickly.  I’m changing this up next month so I can really study what I am reading instead of zooming through everything.
  • Finish the reflections and professional developments for my graduation portfolio
    This one was a bit of a doozy.  My whole time in my grad program everyone has said: don’t wait until the last minute to do these things.  Sooo, I wrote a lot more notes than necessary because I knew I would put it off until the end 😉 .  This one is going to be a goal for this month again!
  • Pick a project/paper for my final paper and begin revising
    I met with several professors and picked a final paper assignment.  Wahoo!!
  • Clean/organize/purge/improve the house 5 hours a week
    We had a house guest so that helped.  Out of the 20 hours though, I cleaned 10 hours for the month.  Devin also helped a lot over the weekends.  I think this was a very worthy goal, but one that would probably be smarter once I am out of school.  What I did love realizing is that sometimes the things I put off literally only take 10 minutes (I’m looking at you dishwasher).
  • Keep under my net calorie goal on MyFitnessPal for a whole month
    24/31 days accomplished.
  • Get to church 5 minutes before church begins every week
    1/4.  Well, that’s progress.

What is a goal you have for March?


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  • So true that housework doesn’t really take all that long if you really get down to it. I spent all of probably 15 minutes cleaning off all the flat surfaces and counters in my apartment this morning and feel so much better about how the place looks now!

    • It is amazing what 15 minutes of cleaning can do for the feel of your home + your mood!!

  • Sounds like you’re getting so close to being finished with your Master’s! Congratulations, I can remember what a feeling of accomplishment that was for me, so great job!

    • Ooh I like this idea! Having clear goals and being accountable is so important. I am also struggling with professional development administration for my postgraduate folders, so I feel your pain.. I’ll try reaching your goal of 31 scriptures 🙂 keep going!

      • I’d love to hear how you do on your goals this month! And yes, professional development…AHH! I like that posting them here helps me be more accountable!!

    • It is such an exciting time, but also such a busy time!! I know I’ll miss school, but after 5 semesters straight of full-time school I know it is time to graduate haha!