February goals

I loved reading over everyone’s goals in the first goal linkup posting last month!  I felt super inspired by the goals y’all set and I knew I was ready to tackle the month and be accountable through these posts.  I’ll totally admit I thought I would get a lot more done this month, but it was the first month of the semester + my new class I’m teaching so we’ll say it is just a grace period ;).  You are welcome to add any post that talks about a goal you are setting, a goal you completed, 101 in 1001 goals, or monthly goals in the linkup below!

As far as January has gone, it has been a great month for setting up habits!  My grad school schedule has been MUCH kinder to me this semester and my whole life doesn’t revolve around rush hour.  I’ve been sleeping until about 7-8 and I have a regular schedule down which I haven’t had in a while.  I’ve eaten breakfast every morning and I’ve been really productive on the days when I am not on-campus around the house.  It turns out sleep does wonders! All around?  I’m really proud of me!

How did I do on my January goals?

  • Buy a paper planner and use it
    Yes and yes!  The pretty blue book in those photos is totally it!
  • Do at least a 45 minute workout video/gym visit 10 times
    Wah wah wahhhh.  I majorly put this one off.  I ended up doing this only twice.
  • Read/listen to 31 church talks/ lessons in my personal study
    31/31 read and I definitely have some new favorites!  I decided to include Sunday school lessons I read in this section too because I’m really having to study those too and it is substantial reading that I am learning from!
  • Read 31+ chapters of scriptures
    I ended up reading 31.  Yay for developing good habits again!  What I especially liked about this is in the past I would have said: “read everyday” but I would have felt very self-defeated after I missed one day.  This way I read everything, but on the days where I missed 1-2 days I didn’t quit.
  • Go to the temple once
    The temple was closed for cleaning when I had planned on going.
  • Post 3 recipes on the blog
    Wah wah wahh…not even close!  I didn’t do a ton of cooking this month, but definitely next month!
  • Host a belated wedding party for Caitlyn
    We had to reschedule due to weather concerns an because the kitchen staff at the restaurant were going to be there a hour later.  However, we rescheduled it next month and I helped throw a baby shower with the help of some people from church so I will give it to myself.
  • Write 5 thank you cards
    5/5 cards written and sent as well as a birthday card for a family member.
  • Get a haircut
    Yes, and she did an amazing job!!
  • Go on 2 hikes
    I went on a hike with a friend!

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I don’t have as many goals this month as I did last month, but I ended up combining the spiritual goals just because I want that to be my monthly minimum in that category every month.  As far as the other goals go though, I didn’t write down as many goals because I think the ones I chose are pretty time consuming for me.  I’m hoping to enjoy get our bedroom and guest bedrooms organized (because those are kind of the junk collectors of our house).

Reviewing goals from February:

  • Read 29 church talks/lessons in my personal study, 29 chapters of scripture, and go to the temple once
  • Finish the reflections and professional developments for my graduation portfolio
  • Pick a project/paper for my final paper and begin revising
  • Clean/organize/purge/improve the house 5 hours a week
  • Keep under my net calorie goal on MyFitnessPal for a whole month
  • Get to church 5 minutes before church begins every week

What is a goal you have for February?


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  • I’m not sure where you’re at with your fitness/health journey, but have you ever tried IIFYM? “If it fits your macros” is a better way to count calories; rather than just strictly counting calories you’re counting the portion of calories that come from proteins, fats and carbs. It’s not a diet but more an approach to properly distributing calories among those three main daily nutritional requirements, and it can be totally customized for different starting weights and goals. It’s pretty tedious in the beginning, but may be worth checking into!

    • Ohh!! Definitely a great suggestion, thank you!! I will have to check that out. I was on WW for a while and I liked it, but I felt like I was always starving. However, it was very effective even though I felt I needed much more protein to stay full.

  • 29 chapters of scripture…I think I’m going to do that, too!

    • It has made a huge difference for me this month! I hope to keep it up every month and turning it into a solid habit.

  • You accomplished a lot this month *throws confetti* Good job! I also started using MyFitnessPal to get the most out of my P90X3 workouts. We can stay consistent. You can do this 😀

    • P09X is intense…great job!! I walked about 5 miles today so that was a great thing, but I need to start doing more than just walking.

  • I love that planner! Looks like you made some serious progress on your goals…great job! And hooray for hiking! I love hiking.

    • Thank you!! I was very excited when I saw this planner. I made good progress on my goals, but I think I got a little too ambitious at once haha! What are some of your favorite hikes that you have done?

  • I also love Monthly goal posts. I love that February 1ST fell on a Monday this year because I do blog posts on Monday’s and Thursdays so it was the perfect way to start the month.
    I also have been slacking at my fitness goals. We will do better this month.
    Can you explain the link up concept to me a little more. To be honest I’m super stressed and don’t want to commit to another thing that’s super time consuming…but also don’t want to do it half way…
    Thanks for any info 

    • You’re totally fine! A linkup is a thing where you go to the bottom of this post and go to “Add Link.” You are then able to add the link that is related to the linkup post. People are able to see your post on my blog and click on it. The only thing people have to do is comment on 3 other blogs on here for this one and add their link! No pressure, but I enjoy joining them to meet new bloggers 🙂

      I have been slacking on my fitness goals big time, but I am optimistic for this month. We can definitely do this!

  • I love your goals this month, and I like that you are keeping them a bit simpler.

  • Lets keep each other accountable for purging our houses ok? Mine is terrible right now!

    • Sounds great to me! I can’t imagine how you’ve been feeling here lately thinking about packing everything and then not. The purge definitely needs to revisit…our bedrooms are seriously the trash receptacle of our home.

  • I’m the worst at keeping paper planners–congrats! I might revisit that goal!

    • It has made a huge difference. I think there is something extra that helps me remember stuff after I have written it down!

  • Monthly goals! Such a great idea to keep yourself accountable. Love the planner too!

    • Thanks Jenn! I am loving the extra accountability I get from posting them here! 🙂

  • Looks like you accomplished most of your goals! Working out is the one I always seem to miss too!

    • Working out is the one I like the least which is why I should probably do it the most haha!! 🙂

  • I love this link up this is the 2nd post I’ve ever done on my new blog @ 4everrobin.com , Thanks for great inspiration on your blog. By the way I love your pictures you posted in January’s post.

    • I feel so honored that this your second post ever!! I am just now getting into setting up stuff for photos and it has been fun setting up things around for them. Your family is very cute!

      I love the “Blog Passion Project” and “The Peony Project” blogging communities on facebook. They have both helped me learn a lot (and I’m still learning a lot!!).