Currently October

I’ve been pretty busy with grad school, but it has been a great month so far!  Before I relaunched, I thought it would be fun to revisit a link-up I used to do.  I’ll be sharing what I am currently doing + Linking up with Jenna and Annie for Currently October.

Currently in October I am... | via The Spirited VioletCurrently in October I am... | via The Spirited VioletCurrently in October I am... | via The Spirited VioletCurrently in October I am... | via The Spirited VioletCurrently in October I am... | via The Spirited Violet


a lot of teriyaki vegetables and brown rice, chili, and smoothies  When I eat something I love it until I basically hate it.


my textbooks.  We’re in mid-terms and the classes this semester are more theoretical than I am used to and my brain often hurts trying to figure it out a lot.


a little bit of everything!  Some days it feels like fall in Atlanta and some days it is very warm.  It means I often find myself wearing boots and tights on days that end up being very warm and needing a cardigan on days that are a little cool.  I can’t complain much though because this summer was HOT!


my husband.  We’ve been working really hard here lately to serve each other and our schedules have been really tight.  The last day two days he told me to go to bed early and he cooked my twenty minute lunch.  I surprised him by cleaning the kitchen since it was a mess.  I wrote about how I knew he was the one for me over at Coffee with Summer and this week has been one of those were I’ve just loved every minute of marriage! 


vegetables and now pumpkins and gourds out of our garden!  We’re getting some of the last of everything now and the pumpkins totally took over the backyard.  We’ve been having to mow around the vines and it has been pretty comical!

What is currently happening in your October?

  • I love those kinds of weeks! Marriage is the best!

    • I completely agree…it is so nice when you see hard work pay off!! ♥

  • You guys will be able to have your own pumpkin patch soon!

    • All of the vines ended up dying, but we ended up being able to save three. I think we planted too late in season? Next year!!! ♥

  • Meg

    Love love love the way you are admiring your husband. What a great reminder to be intentional about serving each other! We had been having quite a bit of fluctuating fall weather too, but I think it is finally cooling down. 🙂

    • It feels like the first cold front is here and to stay now! Thanks for your sweet comment! This has been such a sweet time!

  • I would love to hear your tips on gardening! We have wanted to start a garden for a while now!! I wore a jacket yesterday!!! I thought it would be on the cool side, but NOPE! 80 something degrees. I was burning up!

    • We had three pumpkins turn out from our whole two garden boxes, but this year was pretty much a flop. Last year, everything turned out awesome in our garden. This year, it turns out that the things I photographed ended up being about it 😉

  • I love your garden. And so jealous of your pumpkins. We started out strong with pumpkins, butternut, and spaghetti squash, but the stupid vine borers destroyed them. It was so sad and I have not figured out how to get rid of them. If you have any tips, please let me know!

    • We started strong this year, but bugs and the weather got to mostly everything. We basically had three pumpkins and a few pumpkins turn out from this year so I probably wouldn’t be a great person for tips this year 😉 .

  • Your garden is beautiful!

  • Awesome! Sounds like you’re having a great October so far. We finally all got over a cold in our house, only to have the twins get snotty noses again. Darn change of temperature in WI. My oldest is turning 6 on Tuesday, so birthday party prep for this weekend is in full effect 🙂

    • This month is ticking by a lot faster than I was expecting. We’re already over half way over!! I hope everyone is feeling better in your house now!!

  • Those vegetables have made me hungry! I had to bring all my plants inside (too cold at night in Toronto these days) So far in October its been boots and lattes and studying. It’s Thanksgiving this weekend though so lots of Turkey on the menu!

    • Sounds like October in Toronto is fabulous!! I hope you had a great Canadian Thanksgiving- Thanksgiving is definitely my favorite holiday! ♥

  • Haha, I’m with you on this weather. I love it, but it makes it a little hard to plan outfits. Wearing layers has really been working for me lately since it’s so cool in the morning but super warm on my way home in the afternoon. Also, I’m super impressed by your garden! Everything looks great!

    Thanks for linking up!

    • The outfits have been really interesting for me haha. On the day I had my teaching observed, there was a torrential rain poor and my tights were completely soaked. I’m pretty grateful for the cooler weather popping up ♥!!

  • Love this, Autumn!! Those veggies look amazing! I wish I had the yard space to have a garden. I will one day, I’m determined!!

    • Devin does a really fantastic job on the garden!! I plant the flowers, but he plants the stuff we actually use 🙂 . Our garden wasn’t very successful this year because of bugs and animals, but next year!!

  • Hi Autumn! Just found your blog for the first time and I’m loving it (and the name and the design)! 🙂

    • Thanks for your sweet comment Allie!! Someone made my blog design for free when they were developing their portfolio. I think she decided not to go forward with her business, but I feel like I really lucked out! ♥