Schwarzkopf Mahogany 4.2 hair dye

In high school and college I dyed my hair a lot.  I had many shades of auburn all the way to an accidental blue black dye that had my coworkers teasing me and saying things like: “you know, Twilight just came out.  Are you trying out the whole vampire thing?”  Embarrassing.  

After four years of not chemically altering or dying my hair in anyway, I decided to take the plunge again.  I love my natural hair color, but I’m rapidly prematurely graying and I have been coveting dark red hair for a long time.  My hair is naturally really fine so it crawls out of buns, brains, and headbands so I actually prefer dying my hair to give it some texture.

My hair looked like this before:

Schwarzkopf Mahogany 4.2 hair dye: a review and a before and after | via The Spirited Violet

My hair looked like after using Schwarzkopf Mahogany 4.2 hair dye:

Schwarzkopf Mahogany 4.2 hair dye: a review and a before and after | via The Spirited VioletSchwarzkopf Mahogany 4.2 hair dye: a review and a before and after | via The Spirited Violet

This hair dye is a lot messier than other products I used in the past.  I have always dyed my hair by myself, I covered the whole bathroom with towels beforehand, and it still took the both of us to clean it up while my hair was sitting for 30 minutes.  The box came with gloves, but it didn’t include a shoulder/clothing cover that it mentioned in instructions.  I’ll definitely be buying a kit with a hair dying brush and cover next time I go about this!

Red hair is pretty hard to maintain, but this color bleeds a lot more than any other red hair color I’ve had.  I began using a non-sulfate shampoo and conditioner so it wouldn’t strip the color.  I’ve started taking cold shoulders which are honestly kind of welcome as hot as it is here…and I’m using lots of dry shampoo as usual!  Unfortunately, I was caught outside when a torrential rain pour came down and my hair bled on my cardigan and stained it.  Another time, it was extremely hot outside and the sweat + color bled on my shirt; both times, I had to let the the clothes sit all night in stain remover for colors to get the stain out.

This was a fun change, but I likely won’t keep it up just because of the color bleeding on my clothes; I can see now why people pick red in the fall when it is cooler outside!  The color had a strong purple cast that I wasn’t expecting, but I don’t really mind as long as my hair is dark and cool or neutral toned.  I don’t know what my long term hair goal is, but I do know that I actually need to pay someone for a haircut like STAT.

 Have you made any fun changes with your appearance recently?

  • Love it!

  • nmiller00

    Cute! I stopped dying my hair when the grey started in because I actually liked the grey highlights. I used to dye my hair red all the time. Love your hair!

    • Thank you!! My hair is more silvery and I like it too. I need to find a hair product that helps me have the texture that dyed hair gives me without the damage!

  • That color seems to be perfect for you! It is super sassy!

    –Ginger Marie–

  • I love your hair color! I color my hair red too, but I only experience bleeding for the first week or so. Usually after I wash my hair twice it’s fine until the next time I color it. I go to a salon, though, so I don’t know if different kind of dye’s would make a difference. 🙂

    I love your blog name, by the way!

    • Your comment definitely gave me some comfort! I have been washing my hair color so infrequently trying to keep the color that when I washed my hair today there wasn’t any more bleeding. It looks like I’m out of that phase. Thanks for the advice 🙂

  • Your hair looks great!

  • I’ve been trying to hold out on dying for the same reasons you mentioned earlier but oh how I miss my platinum locks!! I may take the plunge again soon… You tempted me.

    • I’m glad I did it because I’ve been researching it for years. You should go for it 😉 !

  • That’s such a nice color!

  • Your hair looks beautiful! I LOVE the color 😀

  • It turned out so good!! You look wonderful as a redhead!! Good for you for making the change after being natural for so long!

    • Thanks Ashleigh! I am really enjoying it!

  • I dyed my hair an auburn color on Saturday. I wanted to try the “Splathead” hair dye but that required bleaching my hair before adding the color. Have you ever tried that?

    • The only time I’ve ever used bleach, I’ve gone to a hair salon. However, I’ve seen some really positive reviews of Loreal Hilights for dark hair. The bleach is included inside the product so it is in one process instead of two so it damages less.

      Since you just dyed your hair, I’ve heard of people using a semi-permanent dye called Manic Panic on top of their hair to keep the vibrancy. I think I am going to try that out once my color starts to fade a little bit 🙂

  • melanielenker

    Your blog is so cute! love all of the graphics!

  • The color is gorgeous on you — really compliments your skin tone!

  • Love it! This is very appropriate for fall and a great color on you!

  • Rae

    Red is such a great color on you! I just wish it didn’t fade so quickly!!

    • Thankfully, it hasn’t faded much, but I haven’t been washing it much either. Thank you!

  • I hope you’re able to find a similar color in a product that won’t bleed like that. It looks great though!

  • It’s a pretty color but one reason why I haven’t tried super bright colors like this is the fear of it bleeding. I sweat a lot specially when working out and being in FL so it’s hard always worrying about it. 🙁

    • I definitely feel you on that living in Georgia. Florida stays so hot though!! I think this will probably be the only time I ever do this when it is still warm outside, but I definitely do enjoy it 🙂

  • eliz frank

    It is a very pretty shade of red and I’m glad you went for it. I colored my hair a lot growing up and the price I paid is thinning hair… I don’t regret any of it.

    • It is really fun to make changes like this! The only time I regret dying my hair was the time it had the blue tint haha!

  • I love the color, such a great look on you.

  • As someone that too has gone red before, I understand how high maintenance it can be. You rock it though girl! If I had looked half as good as you with red, I would have stuck to it! Super cute blog 🙂

    • You are so sweet, thank you!

  • I could never dye my hair so I usually go through phases of long and short to change it up. Earlier this summer I had over a foot cut off! As a natural redhead, I am picky about red dye jobs but I have to say–I LOVE IT! This color is excellent for your skin tone.

    • Your hair color is really lovely- I wouldn’t dye it either!! My hair color right now is far from natural, but I’ve had natural looking red hair and really loved it. Thanks for the love 🙂