Happy pet anniversary, Cosmo!

Three years ago, we brought home our first and only pet: Cosmo the cockatiel.  He was 13 weeks old and so tiny!  He wasn’t the prettiest bird left, but he was the most excited to see us.  

We knew very little about birds, but we gathered after a few days that we wasn’t in the greatest shape.  It took over a year for him to be able to grow in any feathers for balancing because the breeder had cut his flight feathers too short.

Cosmo's pet anniversary: an ode to our first pet together! | via The Spirited VioletCosmo's pet anniversary: an ode to our first pet together! | via The Spirited Violet

He can do cat calls, sing his own modified version of the Andy Griffith song, and imitate things like the printer and geese that flew overhead.  He can mimic a few words like “step up” and “pretty bird,” but he doesn’t say them often.  Our bird is kind of a brat though and hates when other people single or whistle, he does love musical instruments though! 

I had never had a pet bird, but Devin comes from a family of bird lovers and they really are beautiful (but incredibly moody) little pets.  I love being serenaded in the morning by our little friend.  Cosmo is really such a quirky creature, but since he is a flock animal he eats when he sees us eating and we’ve noticed sometimes he takes naps when we do too.

We adopted him a few weeks after moving to Georgia three years ago and I’m grateful for this little bird for helping me get through the first year here; it ended up being one of the loneliest years of my life. Devin was stuck traveling close to 70%, I ended up unemployed for seven months, friends ended up being much harder to make than I had ever experienced or imagined, and I ended up having debilitating medical conditions.  I would talk to this silly bird all day long and it gave me so much comfort.

Pets really serve such an amazing part of our lives and I am so grateful for the unconditional friendship they have given me over the years.

Happy anniversary, Cosmo!

  • Happy petaversary! I used to petsit a friends bird and she was so much fun to watch!

    • My favorite thing is when he takes bird baths. He chirps the whole time haha!

  • Awwww happy pet anniversary!!!! Cosmo is a cutie 🙂

    • Thank you! 🙂

      • eliz frank

        Pets are highly intuitive and can be of great comfort when we are down… Our cat knows the right time to cuddle up and knows when we are not feeling well…

        • Oh, I completely agree!! Cosmo seemed to always know when I came home from school with migraines. I’m glad your kitty does the same! 🙂

  • Happy pet anniversary. Cosmo is very cute too