your people matter

Teaching is not for the thin skinned or faint of heart (and neither is blogging, life, interacting with people…). I’ve taught for over three years now and there are more great moments than not, but when I hit a low with teaching it feels pretty low.

I’ve had a really hard class and sometimes it can be hard to turn off thinking about my classroom when I get home. Last week when I had a student stay after class and said “don’t take this personally, but have you noticed some of the students make fun of you?” it totally confirmed some of my thoughts and insecurities. The student was insightful and helpful; I was appreciative he took the time to talk to me, but I would be lying if I didn’t tell you I began crying as soon as the door closed.

The thing about teaching, life, and everything else is that it really can’t be done alone: your people matter! I feel like friendship and mentorship can be hard earned and it was really eye opening for me to realize how many colleagues and friends I had to talk to about how I felt. I’ve had many past experiences that made teaching feel like a really lonely road and here was this community of people who were as validating as they were constructive. This awful, no good, very bad day of teaching was greeted with hugs, chocolate, someone verbalizing the cusswords that were clearly in my head, and when I came home a friend had literally put some snacks and a card in my mail box.

your people matter: thoughts on teaching and gratitude for people who care | via The Spirited Violetyour people matter: thoughts on teaching and gratitude for people who care | via The Spirited Violet

I feel incredibly blessed to have developed a community of people who are equally as caring as they are real, this includes the student who had the guts to talk to me so openly, and after thinking about it I found myself crying for a totally different reason.  To the people that care for other’s hearts and the people who create the situations that make us progress in someway: thank you.

What has been a gesture that has meant a lot to you when you are struggling with something?

  • Sucha beautiful quote on the front of the card and it’s so pretty too. I think being a teacher is such a tough job. You are playing such a huge part in kids lives and they’re future careers. It’s such a massive deal.

    • I thought the card was absolutely beautiful too!! Teaching is a hard job, but so are other people’s. I am pretty introverted so it makes me kind of “people tired.” The rewards outweight that greatly though 🙂

  • Awww this was sweet! What a sweet card! Teaching must be hard sometimes.