a Sunday drive

I grew up in a small Kentucky town on the river; the only time I have received a speeding ticket…my Dad knew about it before I got home. Our neighbors were barns and corn fields and I’m so happy I had that childhood! It has actually been eight years since I’ve lived there, but I think about where I grew up everyday. I love the opportunities living in a large metro area, but I definitely miss the simplicity.

We spend our whole week in downtown Atlanta, our evenings and weekends in the suburbs, and here lately we’ve started taking a Sunday drive to relax and spend quality time together. Now I’m like: why did it take us the whole three years living in Atlanta to do this?!

I love these little places that remind me of home and I’m grateful we can have a little bit of everything if we are willing to drive for it. We have parents spread out over three states and we have the opportunity to see a lot of the country because of it, but my favorite places are usually very green, quiet, and away from people.

a Sunday drive | via The Spirited Violeta Sunday drive | via The Spirited Violeta Sunday drive | via The Spirited Violeta Sunday drive | via The Spirited Violeta Sunday drive | via The Spirited Violet

Do you take Sunday drives? What are the places that make you happy like?

  • Amy

    I used to go to a hill in Claremont, CA. When it had rained, there was a small stream on the top of the hill. It’s a five mile hike and it’s so beautiful. Your spot looks so serene! I would love to live near a lake!

    • Your spot sounds gorgeous!!! I imagine that was a lovely hike. I’ve been to California many times and I’m always amazed at how diverse and beautiful the country is there.

  • First I have to say that the dress you’re wearing in the photos is so cute!!! I’m not a big fan of living in a city, prefer the quiet areas away from the hustle and bustle. It makes you so much more appreciative of things I think. Those photographs are beautiful and the size of those pods!!! Wow!!!

    • Thanks for your sweet comment on my outfit and on the photos! I have never seen pods that big before either!! I’m glad to hear other people like the quiet to find peace too :).

      • Gorgeous pictures! I grew up in a decently small town in Michigan and now live in Phoenix, I too love city life, but definitely miss the simplicity of home at times.

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        • My husband’s Mom’s family is from Micahigan and I think it is really beautiful and he grew up in the Mesa suburbs; I think it is lovely out there, but I always miss the green! Thanks for your sweet comment!

  • Gorgeous outfit and photos!

  • I’m also a fan of green and quiet! The photographs are lovely, you truly look at home among the beautiful countryside around you 🙂

    • Thank you, Hiba! 🙂

  • I LOVE the country! My parents have a ton of acres behind their house & I love to visit. I’ll sit outside all day to watch the bunnies, deer, & squirrels run and play. A few humming birds have shown up. Mom & I are visiting Atlanta & Savannah at the end of August, we are so excited!

    • That is how my parent’s house in Arkansas is, too! I love it! 🙂 We’re lucky that we can watch bunnies in our backyard, but it is far from country or rural in the suburbs here.

      I hope you have fun visiting here! I still haven’t been to Savannah and it is definitely on the list!

  • Lovely scenery. You are lucky to be able to visit a gorgeous place like this.

  • I love to go to the art museum and just explore the art and relax

    • You were the only one that mentioned some where more city-ish, love it!! 🙂 Do you have a favorite exhibit that you like to go see?

  • A Sunday road trip is a great way to dust off those cobwebs. I love the photos and the scenery. 🙂

    • Yes! A much needed trip. Thank you! 🙂