101 in 1001

I have always loved keeping track of my goals and for the past few years I have kept an ongoing record of my New Years resolutions.  What I was noticing though is that some years our goals would drastically change to accommodate life, but often when I went back a year or two later my goals actually were completed!  I decided to change my goal tracking system to give me the flexibility of completing goals over a 2.75 year period.  If goals feel irrelevant or uninteresting to me as time passes, I will change them to things I want to do or have done in this time period as long as they are comparable.

101 in 1001: 101 goals I would like to accomplish in 1001 days | Stay gold Autumn

In 1001 days, I have 101 goals to complete.  My start date for the goals is July 1st, 2015 and my ending date is March 28th, 2018.  I will post links when I have completed goals on this page.

  1. See a musical here
  2. Celebrate our 5th anniversary here
  3. Go to the lake  here
  4. Go to a planetarium
  5. Buy and light up a lot of fireworks
  6. Go to the Georgia State fair
  7. Go to a movie in the park event
  8. Go to a drive in movie
  9. Go to a festival in town  here
  10. Visit Chattanooga with Devin here
  11. Go to Pigeon Forge in TN   here
  12. Go to Blue Ridge, GA in the fall per tradition  (x2)
  13. Go to Charleston, SC
  14. Go to the Georgia Botanical Gardens
  15. Stay in a cute historic bed and breakfast
  16. See the Biltmore Mansion in Ashville, NC
  17. See a lighthouse in Savannah, GA
  18. Attend a Christmas festival in Helen, GA
  19. Hike to the top of Kennesaw Mountain
  20. Hike to the top of Stone Mountain
  21. Visit a new museum in ATL
  22. Visit a new historic site in ATL
  23. Take an Atlanta belt line tour
  24. Hike the Sope Creek trail
  25. Visit the Marietta Confederate and National cemeteries
  26. Visit the DeKalb Farmer’s market
  27. Write what I love about Marietta after 5 years here
  28. Eat at five new local restaurants
  29. Visit CNN in ATL
  30. Visit three states we have never visited  Virginia, West Virginia, and DC
  31. Get a passport
  32. Travel abroad  Mexico, Austria, Slovenia, Germany, Italy, France
  33. Eat a food that initially sounds weird cow tongue tacos and crickets
  34. Buy a Christmas ornament from every country we visit Mexico
  35. Try five completely new exercise classes
  36. Walk 10,000 steps everyday for a week
  37. Calorie track everyday for a month
  38. Walk in a 5k
  39. Graduate debt free from grad school
  40. Get my first post-grad school teaching job
  41. Teach a teaching workshop
  42. Have a teaching job for over a year
  43. Join professional organizations for my field (1)
  44. Start a business here
  45. Go to 2 professional conferences of any kind
  46. Build up 3 months of emergency savings
  47. Go without eating out for a whole month
  48. Take my continuing ed classes to continue my GA teaching license
  49. Practice a musical instrument for 30 minutes everyday for a month
  50. Read 30 books here
  51. Post 30 recipes on my blog (14/30) updated on 3/2017
  52. Do 15 craft or DIY projects (7/15) updated on 4/2017
  53. Learn how to knit here
  54. Write my story of how I became an ESL teacher here
  55. Write the story of “how we met”
  56. Have lunch with a blogger I have never met 
  57. Write a daily gratitude list for a year
  58. Host Thanksgiving for framily
  59. Host Christmas for framily
  60. Volunteer for a food kitchen or homeless shelter  here
  61. Make our front porch look snazzier here
  62. Freshen up our master bedroom here
  63. Repaint our railing outside
  64. Come up with a solution for lighting in the living room
  65. Buy a new bathroom vanity for the master bathroom
  66. Get our master bathroom tile professionally cleaned
  67. Repaint the interior of our home
  68. Do built ins in the family room with cabinets by the TV
  69. Find paint that matches the ceiling to cover leak stain
  70. Buy a deep freezer
  71. Make 14 freezer meals
  72. Plant fruit trees in our yard
  73. Have 4 garden boxes in our yard
  74. Plant berries
  75. Make a potato box
  76. Create a garden box around our mailbox here
  77. Get a new mailbox here
  78. Put a better border around our garden beds
  79. Organize our garage   
  80. Create a laundry area in our garage
  81. Fix up the tree house in our backyard
  82. Clean our sidewalk and driveway
  83. Go to the temple 30 times (12) (updated 7/14)
  84. Read the Book of Mormon again
  85. Read all of the new general conference sessions in this period October 2015, April 2016
  86. Make it to church early for 1 month straight
  87. Become a Mom
  88. Answer 20 answers in our marriage journal together
  89. Have family photos taken
  90. Send out Christmas cards
  91. Lose 30+ pounds
  92. Overhaul our closet organization here
  93. Do the Dressing Your Truth program
  94. Come up with a better organization system for our living and family room
  95. Find a pretty amazing deal from Anthropologie and buy it
  96. Buy a pair of boots I absolutely love
  97. Buy a new purse
  98. Have DNA ancestry testing done here
  99. Do something drastically different with my hair here
  100. Go 100 days without chewing on my fingernails
  101. Write about as much about all of the above as I can 🙂